Mission Earth_Full Album



This is the newly remastered version of the album, available exclusively from this page

The album MISSION:EARTH is a collection of songs written during the last decade of the 20th century. This album contains 9 songs.

Original release © 1999 _ BMI 1998_Clerest Records, Remastered Version © 2001, Digital Remaster 2017. All rights reserved. Music & Lyrics by David Clerest who plays every instrument you hear on this recording. This album was recorded, using solar power.

Recorded and produced by David Clerest, for Clerest Records 

1- Passage To Xonex

2- Into The Millennium

3- Resolution Song

4- Queen Of Delusion

5- Written In Heaven

6- Final Mass Destruction

7- Get Up & Help

8- Blinded By A Lie

9- Transcend Beyond The Sign






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